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Welcome to Board Extranet


This document service is operated by Independent Review Inc. (IRI), a leading provider of sound governance services, and CERAiT Inc, an innovative IT expert. This site provides a secure repository for the records that are required to be maintained by Boards of Directors, Board Committees, corporate secretaries and other governance bodies.

Maintaining up to date records of a Board’s minutes, reports and written decisions, and maintaining corporate documents generally, is an essential part of a sound governance regime and a basic requirement under governance legislation. Making those documents available online, for all the Board members, is increasingly a  smart business decision. On this service, registered users can access all their Board documents securely (including the agenda and Board papers for upcoming Board meetings), track upcoming events (like the date of the next Board meeting, contract renewal dates, and due dates for relevant filings) in a Board Calendar, and set notifications and reminders for important events.

Visitors may see what the online records of a company can look like, by accessing the public area of this site that displays the corporate records of a fictional corporation called “ABC Inc”, by logging in using:

user: abc
password: abcabc

If you like what you see, you can open a free TRIAL account and start using the service by REGISTERING here. Your account will be FREE for 90 days from the date you register, but subject to these limitations – Maximum Users: 5; Maximum storage space: 10 Gigabytes.


Price FREE contact us contact us contact us
Users 5 10 50 unlimited
Storage 10 GB 100 GB 200 GB unlimited
Plus Feature - - - SEDAR
Support no basic premium enterprise


Heavy duty users can sign up for an ENTERPRISE account, which has unlimited users and unlimited storage  Enterprise users also get the benefit of our SEDAR filing service in Canada.

We offer 30 day money back guarantee. If you are not fully satisfied with the Board Extranet we will refund your payment within the 30 days from the day of account activation.

All accounts on this website are subject to our STANDARD TERMS AND CONDITIONS. In particular, you may not store any illegal or pornographic materials on our website. Nor may you store any data or files that breach another person’s intellectual property rights.

For help setting up an account please contact SUPPORT.

Registered users only

This resource, including all information and documents stored on this website, are provided for authorized use only. Only registered users may access the password-protected areas.

WARNING! Unauthorized use of this website is strictly prohibited.

This Board Extranet website contains information and documents which are highly confidential and may include materials owned by third parties and posted on this website by virtue of a licence, grant or some other form of agreement between the third party and the account holder. By using this website, you agree to treat as strictly private and confidential all information and documents to which you have access in password-protected areas and will not cause or permit any such information to be communicated, copied or otherwise divulged to any person who is not also authorized to access the same password-protected area(s) on this website.

This website may be monitored for all lawful purposes, including to ensure authorized use, for management of the website, to facilitate protection against unauthorized access and to verify security procedures and operational procedures. Use of this website, authorized or unauthorized, constitutes consent to this policy and the policies and procedures set forth by IRI and CERAiT. Evidence of unauthorized use collected during monitoring may be used to pursue legal remedies by IRI, CERAiT, legal counsel and law enforcement agencies.